Peak Power too high

I am new to Xert and I have imported 3 months of data from Strava. It put my Peak Power at 6000+ I found that the first 30% of rides were around 400 and then it jumped to 6000+ Seeing this was way wrong I clicked recalculate progress in account settings now the PP is 13256. The PP is 13246 in the first activity. How do I fix this.

Hi Richard. Sounds like a wonky power file was synced at some point. If you go to Activities / Table and rank by Max Power, you’ll likely find one or two that stand out from the rest. Open up the offending activity and click the flag next to its name to have it excluded from your Fitness Signature calculation. It will then automatically recalculate. If this doesn’t do it, send an email to and the team can investigate further.

Done that flagged and locked the file where the first issue was but then after recalculate the ones before went to silly high numbers. Thanks probably it’s best to email support.