Peak Power set higher than actual - bug or feature?

I did several all out sprints with a short time between them. The result was that the PP breakthrough was set at about 130 watts higher than my best 5s avg. Apparently my MPA had not fully recovered when I had my best 5s sprint. MPA was still about 100W down.

Is this a bug or feature of Xert? Setting PP higher than actual 5s power seems like a problem. It set PP at a level that I could never hit. I manually reset it the 5s max otherwise I would have a huge problems ever getting a regular TP breakthrough.

Has anyone else seen this?

That would be a normal prediction if you had ‘push over MPA’ activity during those sprints.
PP is an estimate of your 1sec power calculated from the power you generate during out of the saddle, all out sprints at high rpm that last 5-7secs.


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Hi Guido,

First, Peak Power is your highest 1s power. You’ll likely hear 5s power thrown around because your power needs to exceed MPA for > 5s in order to trigger a BT. Just from that standpoint, PP should be higher than your max 5s power. Additionally, from a conceptual standpoint, Xert is showing that if you sprinted for XYZ Watts when already carrying fatigue, then your true Peak Power (1s) must be higher than XYZ watts, since fatigue decreases your ability to generate power.

Overall, sounds like things are working as intended.

Also remember that Xert shows you what is possible based on your data, not what you have done, which is a big paradigm shift from many other training platforms who show a Power-Duration curve made up of your best 5s, 1m, etc. power. Even if Peak Power is 100+ Watts high, it actually has very little to no bearing on your time to exhaustion around Threshold - your HIE and TP matter far more than PP for most constant power efforts to failure.

Hope this all makes sense! Cheers