Peak Power Question

Hey Guys,

First off, the updates over the past few months have been amazing, this program has really evolved and is looking SO good and working great! Thank you!!

Now, I was wondering about Peak Power. I feel like every so often I’m getting abnormal power spikes from rides that I know just can’t be real. I’m afraid this might be affecting my Peak Power. Right now, mine is listed at 2271, which is insane! I’ve probably only seen 1100-1200 in an actual sprint. Am I thinking correctly in that 2271 seems way too high? My concern is that Peak Power affects MPA if I’m not mistaken?

Thank you so much, keep up the great work!


Yes - there are tools available to clean up these power spikes and remove them. You can then recalculate your Xert data and it should show more realistic figures

You can flag these activities or remove them completely and replace with manual activities if all the data in the activity is off.