Peak power not updating

Hi folks

I did a work-out this morning and my peak power number was 1022, however, the peak power number in my fitness signature is still 724.

Should this have updated automatically after my work out?

How can I updated it now?

Best regards

Did you get a (bronze) breakthrough? If not, the effort was probably corrected as a data error…

Thanks Robert, no I didn’t get a breakthrough, although the higher PP number is recorded in the workout summary.

Is it possible to manually update the PP number?

I heard on the postcard that it can distort your estimated FTP if it’s not accurate.

Surely you didn’t hear FTP on the podcast :joy: I would be careful manually updating PP, especially by 300 Watts. This will increase MPA accordingly, which will then be infinitely harder to pull down for a BT. I would give it another shot (or two) to make sure your PP is updated according to what Xert makes of it, before deciding to manually override it.

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Hi Peter,

Depending on how long the effort was, you may not have received credit for the PP sprint. We use a filter on our system to prevent power spikes from easily skewing your fitness signature. If your sprint efforts was less than ~5s long, the system will most likely treat it as a data spike, not as a true maximal effort. Next time that you do a PP sprint, try to hold on for 5-7s.

If you think that truly was a maximal effort, you can go to the activity in Xert, and use the ‘Advanced MPA’ tab to update your PP to match the data, then click ‘extract’ and ‘save’. This will update your PP in Xert moving forward. HTH

I wasn’t sure about the > 5 seconds, but I was also thinking: did you (ever) go for ‘all out’ sprint efforts before? And/or was this one such effort? Not sure how Xert calculates PP if you never do/have never done an all out sprint effort, but it may well be that this was your first. Like I said: try and repeat it (fresh), make it last > 5 seconds and see where that gets you…

Great thank you both. Super helpful.

I only held that power for a second or two and then faded. I doubt I could hold it for 5-7 seconds at the moment.

I thought PP was based your your one second power (not 5-7 sec) is that right?

Thanks again!

Correct, PP is your best 1s effort, but the total effort from which it is taken must be > 5s. You wont be able to hold that power for the whole 5s, but push as hard as you can for that duration and Xert will then be able to extract the PP, instead of filtering it out as a power spike. HTH