Peak power not updated


My peak power in my profile seems a little low. I’ve a few rides lately with sprints well above my profile value (1050W vs 841W), but the peak power in my profile is still on 841W.

This is not normal, right?


If the efforts are very short, Xert won’t update your PP. You’ll need a longer effort (more than 5 seconds near MPA) before your new values will get picked up.

The efforts are a bit longer than that. My last ride,, for instance had 1006W for 6 seconds. Still not very high of course, but quite a lot higher than 841W.

Yes. We’ve seen this happen on occasion. It’s a issue with the regression/extraction component and on certain occasions, it misses these shorter efforts. You may try and manually adjust the signatures if you feel you’d like to have the higher PP as your signature value. Adjust them on the activity and save it so that it then applies it to subsequent activities.

Done. Thanks Armando