Peak power issue

Hi all,
I’m new in Xert. Looking my activities and fitness signature it seems that my peak power is overestimated. Xert gives me aroun 1000W PP when I can’t hardly go beyond 550W.
With 1000W PP my 1 hour TT effort looks this way

I think is really inaccurate. Can you help please?

Have you done any sprints on the road?

No. In my activity table Max Power is 555W

I’m betting that if you were to do a sprint out on the road you could put out a lot more power than on a trainer.

555W was on the road (Feb 2 2020). I’m a light rider 61 kg

If it was me, I’d go to the Advanced MPA tab for that ride, enter the 555w value into Peak Power, hit extract and see how it looks. If it looks good you could either save it, or better still seed a lower Peak Power in an older file.

Edit 1: That’s still a very low W/Kg sprint. It’s certainly not impossible but I’d be open to it being higher.

Edit 2: Don’t expect to get a breakthrough in a steady state effort that long. It’s really hard to do as the Difficulty goes through the roof.

Thanks. Looks better. Lets see what happen when I upload a new activity.