Peak power calculation for first ride into Xert

Out of the 279 rides that I loaded into Xert, yesterday, the first ride of Jan, 4, 2018 was assigned a Peak Power of 715 watts. How does it get calculated because it appears to affect on how I hard I can work out before resting ( intervals) , but right now , xert only displays around 400 watts for my peak power. i cannot find any data on my Garmin connect related to that value that justifies those numbers. What am I missing here? Thanks

Your intervals at the moment use a Peak Power of 400W. The value of 715W doesn’t affect your current intervals but has an affect on how the 400W has been estimated. The value of 715W as established based on your patterns from the previous year. One thing Xert doesn’t know is what your fitness was on Jan 4, 2018. It has no information before then. So it will make some assumpations and estimates. In this case, your highest power output was on Apr 10th and Xert reverse-engineered what your Peak Power would have had to have been on Jan 4, 2018 in order for you to have been able to generate this value. it is only assumptive. You can set it yourself by following the procedure for a Progression Recalcuation in the documentation.

Thanks Armando, i dont really understand how you got it but right now its not relevant! As long as it works Im happy! But one question, you mentioned that highest output power was on April 10th ( yes, one of those Tuesday night rides!)…but how did you get the information? When I go to the workout table, I just cant find that!!

I just have one more question ( apologize for so many) , How do I raise my peak power again or should I? Does it hurt me being so low, now? In reality I never tried to raise it or work on it. Whatever it was, it happened. Thanks

I used the Activities Table and added Max Power as a column, then sorted by it. You should work on your Peak Power. It isn’t as important for endurance cycling but is important to keep that part of our physiology in shape. It will contribute to better performance on very short, spiky efforts like accelerations and short hills so add a few all-out sprints into your training. It helps with performance and it also helps Xert hone in on your specific fitness capabilities. Great questions!

Thanks, I didnt realize we could add coumns ( but it makes sense, like excell). Are there specific workouts designed to develop high power or should I just " wing" it?

You can choose “sprinter” workouts.

Thanks!i like that! Actually that,s one of my stregths, short hill sprints