Peak Power and Fitness Decay

I have a question, more of a musing…

If I set my decay to any of the options, Training load matched, Small, Optimal or Aggressive, the TP figure can drop like a stone, however the Peak power doesn’t move. So, in my mind the MPA is set too high. There’s no chance that if I was fresh i’d be able to do a 1200watt+ sprint. I’d say currently its 1100 watts maxed out. Have I completely missed the mark and time for another coffee?

I think the Lower threshold figure is too low and TP currently is 365-370

I *think I have fixed it. looks about right.

However, I had to manually edit the peak power on my last breakthrough. The question still stands, why doesn’t the peak power / MPA line drop with fitness? It still doesn’t seem to drop automatically like the TP and LTP.

For me all parameters drop with decay… and on no-decay they all move with training load as expected

You may not notice the decay over a short period though - not sure of the maths but think given training loads for high and peak are low, it also moves more slowly…

You can always go back and lock a past breakthrough activity (forcing a recalculation and application of your decay setting from that point) after changing the setting, and you should see bigger movements if it was long enough ago… am not sure, but potentially flagging a past activity can also force a recalc from that point

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