Peak performances similar to Trainingpeaks?

Hi all,

I have been using Trainingpeaks in the past, but switched to Xert because of the ease with which I can plan my trainings. The only thing that I am missing from TP, is the peak performances part. Similar to that it is awesome in Xert to achieve a breakthrough, I also really enjoyed to see in TP that I surpassed my all-time high XX minute power. Now, I can only do that in the power curve and can only compare my last effort with my best ever effort.

Would anyone else appreciate this future? If so, perhaps @ManofSteele can inform us if that is something that could be implemented?

I see your point similar to a KOM or PR stat.
Not sure if this is practical to do but what could be more interesting is a slider on the power curve graph that you can drag to a date in the past or have it run as an animation that shows your trends in the past, say last 12 months or user-defined date, then returns back to today’s current fitness curve. As it does this it would trace high/low data points and leave that area shaded. You’d end up with an undulating snake showing your current fitness curve along with high/low ranges in shadow. If you click (or hover) on a high/low point a tooltip would display stats for that point (date/duration/power plus signature values). .
You’d have a picture of what you’re capable of over time including peak performance points as well as the lower values (untrained/starting points).
Another option could be a button to quickly compare current power curve/fitness signature with same date last year. Better or worse? :slight_smile:

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