PC Software for workouts via ANT+ Dongle

I was using GoldenCheetah to run ERG files, but it is a bit laggy on power data. I have 10 days left Rouvy membership, which i am doing my workouts that i export from xert but after that ends i don’t know what platform i can run my workouts. I don’t have bluetooth smart sensors, i can’t use your remote player. Is there a free software for erg files? Or any chance that your remote player can work directly on PC with Ant+ dongle? To be honest it’s really a downside that you don’t offer that. Thanks for the service.

Hi Ertugrul. We could work on developing PC and MacOSX software too but that would slow down all the other great things we are planning to do! Remember that we already have Android, iOS and Garmin workout players which should cover just about everybody. If you only have ANT+ and iOS, there are devices that will do the conversion you can purchase. Alternatively, there are some very inexpensive Android phones that can be purchased that will work with readily available ANT+ sticks. There are lots of options available! All of these work with our Remote Player so you can see your workout on your PC/Mac as you perform the workout too.

I’m excited to see what the good things we will have ahead. Unfortunately none of your options fits to me. I just got the idea that if i can plug my ant+ dongle to my phone via “Micro Usb To Usb Android Otg” i can run your android player. Do you have any experience with them?

See our FAQ on how to configure the Android. There is a section on how to set it up with an ANT+ dongle.