Pausing activites AND still make use of the ride data

Hi, i try to use Xert for everyday activities including riding to work etc.
In the mornings i ride one way to work and did pause the activity until
i continue the ride at late afternoon. Xert flagged the activity, reporting
heart rate unnormalities …but when manually beeing unflagged, all the
data was usable. Somehow that does not work anymore, pausing the
activity for several hours seems to make the whole ride data unusable.

That leads me to questioning the pause option:

What is the best way/concept to pause activites not loosing the ride
data (the data is not lost but unusable /which is lost …to be clear).
Should one not pause manually (press stop) and let the software

Does pausing the activity over several hours leed into trouble for
the software ?

Why did it work before (pausing an activity over several hours) and
suddenly not any more ?

Do i have to go with it and save any ride …avoid pausing even i’d like to?
No more coffee stops, nor more snack breaks …or all data is lost ???

At present the “pausing” thing gives me a headache, to much thinking.

Thanks for any info about the subject.

Regards, Chris

In your head is your daily commute one workout or two? If it’s two, it seems logical to record it as two workouts.

I think the original power data pioneers used to refer to the “burrito rule”. If your break is long enough to eat a burrito, you should stop recording and start a new one later.