Pausing a Workout while Activity is being still recorded with Garmin?

Hi, when performing a workout outside with my Garmin Edge 530 sometimes is necessary to pause the workout during the rest interval until you reach the clear road segment to perform the high intensity work. During this pause I am still working at low intensity (or even at tempo in some workouts) but the Garmin does not record any power if paused. Thus, activity during pause is not recorded (as if you had stopped for a coffee…). In my previous Wahoo this was not the case. Any activity was recorded even during pause.

Do you know if there is anyway to solve this issue with Garmin?

Thanks in advance!

Is this with the Garmin workout internal player or with the Xert Workout Player?

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@xertedbrain this happens with the Garmin internal workout player. I did not test the Xert workout player in the Garmin yet.

I found some sort of solutions such as programing the workout using the lap bottom to change interval or resuming the interval and when ready press the lap bottom to go to the next. Too many bottoms though…