Password reset

This is actually ridiculous and a bad design. Firs, I go to exercise using my Iphone and thr Iphine App and it never asks me tonlog in. Tonight it decided to do it. Why, makes no sense. then I log in and tells me i have incorrect data but nkw its stuck in a loop. theres no place to enter email address to resset. So i come upstairs ftom the basemebt anf go to my Ipad. Luckily im still logged in! try to change the password but it asks me for my current password, it shoukd nkt ask because Im logged in. So iit dise nkt accept my password and in the meantime Ive wasted my evening. How come I cant enter my email to rsset! im even paramoid about login out. This should never happen!

OK! I had the courage to log out. now it asks for email. iI reset using exactiy the same password,Now I can grt in. They need to make this more robust

Saved logins are a function of your browser and not something Xert manages directly.
If you have a problems logging into a website try refreshing the browser window or use the browser function to clear cookies/cache to reset the browser.
If you have to reset your browser the next time you login you’ll be prompted to enter username/password and save them for future use by your browser’s password manager.
When you enable Remember Me on the Xert login page that is separate from the browser’s password manager. The checkbox tells the Xert server you want a persistent session associated with a cookie and an expiry date in the future.
Regardless which options you choose you’re going to have to occasionally reset your browser and reestablish saved logins to various websites.
Yes, that can be a pain to do.

the msin problem is that my iphone xert player asked me for the password```

  • never askwd before```
  • didbt take it and then it just stays in a loop, always saying the same thing. thers no place to reset by using email

The app should work with the same login as the website. You may have to uninstall the app on the iPhone and install it again.
I don’t think there is any harm in doing that but you could contact Xert support at to confirm.