Pair Xert EBC (android) with smarttrainer and zwift (tablet) with crank based power meter: possible?

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I want to use Xert EBC on my android device for the workouts and Zwift on my tablet.
Is it possible to use simultaneously Xert EBC with the smarttrainer, and Zwift with a crank based power meter?

Please note that ant+ does not work with my tablet or mobile even with the ant+ dongle.

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Does your power meter have BLE? Then it should work

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I have gotten an ANT+ dongle to work with my Pixel phone in the past but id did require three ANT+ related apps to be installed from GooglePlay.
Another option is the CABLE device from NPE which converts ANT+ to BLE.

I assume you have seen this article –
The Ultimate Guide to Training with Xert and Zwift – Xert (

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