Overstated speed and distance

I’m directly using xert to run workouts and the calculated speed and distance are vastly overstated compared to IRL, Systm, Zwift. I’m assuming this is due to missing airspeed/drag with bad or no CdA implementation. I’m open to being wrong about the reason, but it’s definitely overstating both speed and distance.

EBC on iOS or Android?
What version of the app?
What trainer model and power meter connection?
Speed from Power normally estimates reasonable numbers, but there are some combos that don’t cooperate well.

EBC on iOS and using a kickr bike.

At 195lbs I just did a recovery ride at 150 watts with an estimated speed of 19.1mph. It’s definitely off.

Version 3.2.1(35)

Perhaps someone with a Kicker will chime in and concur similar results.
This site estimates 17.33 mph – Bike Calculator
Is distance/speed something you are used to tracking indoors for comparison purposes or analysis elsewhere?

I’d say it’s a nice to have for measuring against annual distance goals. Certainly not used for training / progression purposes. 17mph is much more realistic. I’d say all other platforms provide realistic speed/distances measures and as I’m moving to only using xert and pushing to strava, it would be nice to have accurate numbers for weekly/annual goal purposes.

Maybe Xert is assuming you’re on the drops, shaved legs, aero bike, aero helmet etc. I just looked at a couple of my rides, and Xert’s avg speeds seem to be within 1 mph, depending on whether I’m on drops, tops, etc. It’s close enough for me…bragging rights on Strava. Hey, Trainerroad doesn’t give you any speed/mileage!