Outdoor Training with Xert

I mainly train outdoors using Exert, Being a new Xerter, I have to learn about the platform. Which I am slowly.
When training outdoor I found it difficult to match your numbers because of the small rolling inclines when you meet them. Therefore my power meter is all over the place. I put a 3sec delay on the PM, but this still did not make a difference.

I often found when I train outdoors using the structured plans from Xert I have to do extra, minutes, meaning if the plan was 2hours, I would end up doing 2hrs 30min roughly. Which I do not mind.

Anyway now, I see it this way. My power meter show my watts, which I think is my true power of the hour. When I am cycling I match my power watts, with the speed on the Garmin, and this helps me to keep an accurate focus.

So, now I just go out and ride using Xert plans, and watch the improvement, instead of worrying about my plan. I always make sure, I work hard during the workout.

Just thought I would share this with you all. Always open for opinions

I admire you for trying the Xert workouts outside. I think they are too hard (mostly) to do outside - too many short changes of power which is very difficult to replicate outside - especially on rolling/hilly terrain.
Something that requires 10 minutes sweetspot or similar consistent power would be very doable outside.

That’s because it only displays 3 sec power, but it still records real time, i.e. second by second.

And if you train outside, just look at your XSS target and maybe recommended focus.

You should probably just do free rides. Depending on terrain, do a few hill repeats, sprint up a bridge, do a long all out sprint or 20 minute interval (I have 10-15 km long and flat straights all over in my backyard), or just do as you please.

Just keep your signature current, by doing targeted 1-5 sec, 5 min and 20 minute efforts once in a while and preferably a BT whenever you feel up to it…


No Choice at the moment, no trainer, so outdoor is my option. Anyway, For me, I use Xert structured plans to learn more about Xert figures extra. And to have an understanding of the power numbers. I know it is quiet difficult to keep within the numbers because of the rolling hills ect. But for me at the moment I know what my true capabilities for 1 hour power. Mentally, this gives me the edge, because I have not to worry about my true power. But on stating that, no doubt it will change in a few months and hopefully i will have more experience with Xert.

Remember I am a new user, therefore my finding are limited at the moment.

Hey Robert,

Thank you for your kind input. What XSS and focus? I have been just watching my signature, and when i am outdoors, I check speed along with power, and they are roughly instinct. I will look into your advise thank you

Xert gives you a recommended XSS target every day, depending on your athlete type, improvement rate and target date.

You don’t have to match it to the point every day or training and it will also adapt the advise to your habits.

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Brilliant Thank you,

Just bought a smart turbo trainer, for indoor. I will still train outdoors as well, Am not going to start racing time trials until next year, so my aim is to increase power, as much as I can. I did a FTP test and it increased my watts by 15 w, I was chuffed as you cam imagine. But when Exert adjusted my structure plans, I found the them very tough, that tough, I was starting to over training, like the power drop very quickly. Not sleeping, the usual signs.

So then I had to rest for 3 days and in that time my watts dropped considerably, and now the plans are within reach. I know I have limited knowledge about Xert, so I thought the first few months will be trail and error.

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I have experienced the same. In Xert you plan and work towards your goal event date. In that process the rating of your workout “toughness” increases till 5 stars max. That way you slowly get used to tougher workouts. If you just jump on the Xert wagon with an high FTP but without doing the Xert workouts Xert assumes that you are used to these tough workouts which is very often not the case (in spite of your high FTP). And then you experience the setback as you just described.

Based on that I think you did well by letting your fitness drop and start building again, but now also with Xert workouts to build your toughness also.

Good luck with your training and have a great day!
Johan B

Yes, but Xert needs to get to know you too :sunglasses: Trust the plan, but always listen to your body first.

Keep in mind, but that’s also something you have to figure out, that indoor training is often (way) more taxing than outdoors.

That’s because of your static position, a more continuous strain (no coasting, no stops), cooling and hydration.

You might want to keep that in mind and manually override target Watts, until Xert also takes that into account.

You can also filter the workouts by difficulty. Even I find workouts that are greater than 4.0 diamond difficulty rather tough to complete. Try filtering the recommended workouts by difficulty if you’re feeling a little tired, or use the freshness feedback slider to tell the system that you’re more tired than it thinks.

Info on the freshness slider here: http://baronbiosys.com/glossary/freshness-feedback/

What do you mean with ‘Even I’? :joy:

True… very true :wink:

Thank you for the advise. I understand what you have written, and now it is the case of building use the Xert structured plans.


Thank you, I was on freshens slider -3, so now I am -10. hope that helps. Also my wattage has dropped at a reasonable pace. and now I find in the Maintenance phase it reasonable to keep up.