Outdoor rides + indoor workouts - garbage results?

I’m a new Xert user and was very excited to find a platform that can account for my free rides as well as workouts. I don’t race and I only do workouts when I can’t ride due to weather or work schedule.
Right from beginning when I imported my Strava activities to Xert, my TP was too high. I spent good amount of time cleaning up Xert data, and removed all activities that may had some errors in data, but my TP would not go down.
Past few weeks we had some snow and cold so I did a few workouts on Zwift (Neo 2t) - Zwift Build-me-up plan and some Xert workouts that I imported to Zwift.
In Zwift I use 249 FTP (based on ramp test, some trial and error, and also calculated by TrainingPeaks) and most workouts are difficult - sometimes I have to pause workout or lower intensity to complete. In Xert my TP was in 270 range.
The pretty hard workouts I did in Zwift were awarded low XSS and Xert rated them “moderate”.
Last couple of days I did 2 moderate (16.5-17MPH / 35-45miles) outdoor rides that had some short punchy climbs and a lot of coasting/noodling in between. I’ve got BT on both, “difficult” rating, much higher XSS then for Zwift workouts and my TP went up to 289! (60 mins power is within 1 W) My Xert’s LT is now higher than my real FTP! Needless to say, my Xert data is pretty much garbage at this point.
Is there a way to do what I want, or am I trying to use Xert for what it’s not designed for?
Before you ask - I did tests with Neo2t and my 4iii powermeter, and power output is VERY close. I don’t have problem with heat dissipation indoor either - 3 big fans don’t even allow me to sweat much.

Might still be worth checking your data for power spikes from the 4iiii - I get some occasionally with mine.

If you haven’t done this already you can go into Activities > Table ( Xert - My Activities - Table View (xertonline.com) ) and add a Max Power column, then sort using that column to see the highest values. If you find crazy numbers, either flag these activities so Xert ignores the data or fix the data ( FIT File Tools ) and reupload.

I’ve done this. Removed few rides with wrong or questionable data and most rides without power. I haven’t actually seen power spikes from 4iii. Thanks!

Sounds like you still have bad power data. I think you are going to have to ask Xert Support for help on this, they can check the activities.

What is your full signature on Xert?

If it was possible, I would dual record and compare. Put the bike with the 4iii on the Neo and record Neo to zwift and 4iii to the headunit. Use fitfiletools.com to change one of the files start time (otherwise they will be treated as duplicates) and upload them both. Then compare the MPA graphs and the numbers.

That would tell you if your devices report similar data and give you an indication.

Zwiftpower has dual recording analysis tool. I compared power output from Neo2t and 4iii and they are the same.

I don’t understand where some of the metrics are coming from. The max 20 mins power I ever produced was about 260W

Your HIE is quite low relative to your PP. See http://baronbiosys.com/avada_faq/is-my-fitness-signature-right/. This will raise your LTP and TP.

For some users, near breakthroughs (“fakethroughs”) can cause HIE to fluctuate lower and then stay low for a period in time. This normally will correct itself on its own but sometimes may not and you end up with a situation with a higher TP and LTP that expected. Review your circles on your XPMC and see perhaps where things may have gone off track and either flag them or adjust their signature to have a larger HIE and lower TP if the extraction algorithm is unable to interpret it correctly. Might only be one or two files to get things perfect. Send a note to support@xertonline.com if you’re still stuck.

As you’re using Zwift, try a short Crit City race to get your signature dialed in with a new breakthrough. Works for me every time.

Here’s one from today:

I will try, though it will probably bump up my TP even more :frowning:

Have another look Simon. I’ve made a few adjustments based on your last email :slight_smile:

Thankfully you have lots of maximal efforts in your data, so it’s easy for Xert to pick those up… much better than having months and months of low intensity, which can make it harder for Xert to keep the signature up to date.

Scott, thank you for your help, but I’m not sure I get the point of Xert’s methodology if it requires manual tweaking of signature. :frowning:
Will I have to do it after every ride?

No. Its’ getting the starting signature accurate that occasionally requires a little intervention.

I think many users learn to ‘game’ Xert as they become more familiar with it… watching how their efforts affect MPA and pushing for Breakthroughs every so often to keep the signature dialed in.