Option to turn off the breakthrough alert in android EBC

Can we please have the option to turn the breakthrough alert off in EBC? It is not helpful and may be a cause of fake throughs. Just when you have to concentrate the most and your brain, lungs and legs are screaming to stop the stupid breakthrough alert jumps up, obscuring the data screen and breaks your concentration just when you really need 10 more seconds of effort,! I want to have the option to turn it off so I can do my effort without that stupid pop up and having to reach over and swipe the screen to remove it. Please make it go away!


I’d agree with this one - it seems like the alerts I get never show as Breakthoughs, either. At least four times, it alerts me to a BT, says I’m a “beast”, and then when you check the ride later - nothing. You’re right- all it does is distract you, at the exact moment you’re actually approaching a BT

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Seems a reasonable request. In reality all notifications should be optionable.

Would rather see a dual setting –
Audio Alert – ON/OFF
Notification – ON/OFF
If Audio is enabled a loud clang-clang sounds like the bell lap in a criterium.
Will freak out your ride buddies but that’s fine. :slight_smile:

Another way to handle it would be the message simply timeouts with no tap required. Ditto with the bell sound.
If MPA starts to rise or you stop pedaling (failure) the sound stops and/or message clears.

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@ridgerider2 these are all very user friendly options! @xertedbrain and @ManofSteele please make it so!

Totally agree with the above,