optimal decay query

My breakthrough today reports a new sig of 839 14.2 230 however these values are slightly less than my previous activity values of 841 14.4 230 per yesterdays ride? Also following today’s activity the sig under my profile and per Workout Player is different from todays ride values and currently states 850 14.6 231. If the latter values are correct then that would make more sense as unlike todays activity values the increases do reflect a breakthrough. So why the differences at the same point in time? Thanks.

Use the Previous button on the Activity Details to see what your signature was before the activity. Your current sig includes the strain from today’s ride. Just remember that everything is changing by small amounts all the time and it is the greater trend that is most important.

Yes I understand that Armando thanks. So can my current signature remain greater than the signature shown by my most recent ride? Currently ride 839-14.2-230 vs profile 847-14.5-231. It always seemed to be equal to my most recent ride less any decay?

Need to account for the increase in TLs first before the decay. Also, we’ll make the BT detection clearer and round signature values so that something seen as 230 to 230 doesn’t count as a medal if behind the scenes, it is 230 to 230.001 This can get confusing.

… that’s good I think you’ve changed something as its not happening now :slight_smile:

… spoke to soon todays ride (a BT) showing 843 14.8 231 signature under profile and workouts showing 853 15.2 232 ? Which one is correct.

You’ll get a small bump immediately after a BT ride that accounts for the XSS.

so the ride sig is a slight underestimate immediately following a ride BT? - I don’t really understand but thanks for all the recent developments Armando !

You improve your fitness as you ride and add strain. This adds to your ability to perform subsequently. This is captured in XSS. But you also show what you’re capable of during your ride. This is your fitness signature. This dynamic of strain and fitness is what we are trying to capture.

Right. Just figured out the recent changes have introduced ‘Optimal decay’ as the new default sig calculation method. If i revert back to ‘Original Decay’ I see my ride sig values the same as my profile sig which is what i was used to seeing. If I am reading the glossary correctly it seems to be saying optimal decay differs from original decay by taking TL into account, So i guess if you want to know your latest sig values after a breakthrough don’t look at the ride values anymore look at the profile values.