[OOT] Any experience with the XCadey powermeter?


Yesterday, I found something strange: I was using Xert EBC to follow my daily workout, and was simultaneously running RideWithGPS, only to get the alerts from my Garmin Varia.
And then, something HAPPENED: my power and cadence from my XCadey PM were live-reported on Xert EBC. Well, that’s nice, that’s what it was set up for. BUT: RideWithGPS was also live-displaying the power/cadence data ! Ant+ is disabled on my phone (since Android 8.x, it’s now under Android 10.x), only Bluetooth is working.
So it seems that the XCadey can broadcast the BLE to several apps !? Or is it able to use 2 different channels ??? I’m very surprised (in a good way)… if only my other devices (Heart Rate Monitor for ex.) could do the same… :stuck_out_tongue:

Curious if anyone else has had the opportunity to test that PM and validate the way it’s working !?