Only some activities showing

Hey, just subscribed and linked with my strava/Garmin account. It’s uploaded recent rides, but only says 18 activities. No matter what I change it to, month to date, year etc. It still says I’ve only completed 18 rides.
I’ve ridden 90 so far Since January, so it’s a fair amount out.
Is there something I need to alter or change to sort it out?

Thanks in advance, Andy

You need to manually sync in the older activities by going to Sync > Strava, selecting a custom time range, selecting the start date and end date, then click apply (screenshot below).

This will bring a list of all unsynced activities from that time frame up in the list. To sync them in, click the ‘select all’ checkbox in the upper left, and then click sync in the bottom right. It will likely take some time for all activities to be synchronized. Hope this helps! Cheers!

Oh brilliant, thank you so much for the quick reply!!