Online planner not syncing to Xert player (iOS)

Hi, I’m relatively new to Xert and I’ve been planning my upcoming workouts using the planner feature on The problem though is when I start-up the Xert Player on my iPhone the morning of my ride and select “Train”, the workout I’ve selected online is not the one that shows up there. I have to do a manual search to select the workout I had planned. I assume I’m not doing something quite right? All other data syncs fine to my device.

I’ll check tomorrow morning, but I’m thinking I accessed the player on my iPhone before the time specified for the workout in the online planner? The latter was set for 8am and I probably wanted to start my workout at 7:30am.

You need to select the workout as well. Adding it to your planner does not select it.

Ah, I didn’t realize that just saving the workout didn’t select it as well. It seems I have to open the workout then hit select. Shouldn’t the player just check your planner to see what workout is scheduled for that day and auto-select it?

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Hopefully better planner integration is on the to-do list.

This confused me too. I agree it should be synced.