Old future activities won't delete

I have 3 old manual future activities for 16,14,12 Sept which I created and then deleted when testing the feature when it first arrived a couple of weeks ago. Recently they have reappeared in my Table listed in red. I delete them but next time I go in they are relisted again.

How are you trying to delete them?

Selecting tick box in the table then the delete icon and accept the confirmation. They only appear in the table.

Yes. They are not affecting your current progression so don’t need to be deleted. They are only there for reference so that you can compare what you had planned with what you did. We’ll need to fix that anyways however.

Okay thanks - another bit of strange behaviour, from 2 days ago when I click on the menu to go to My Fitness every other time it takes me to My Coach instead?? (Firefox)

… cleared cache etc