Old data remains after reset

Hi. I reset my data and then resynced Strava data from Feb 1st to now, but I can still see rides on the calendar from before Feb 1 that are supposed to have been deleted.

Thanks for reporting. Did you happen to reset and then sync again right away? Was the data there after you reset or was everything blank? What was the last date you had previously synced to?

Hi Armando. The first time I encountered this I reset and synced right away, and I noticed it was flagging duplicate rides. On subsequent resets, I have reinitialized my account (i.e. entered age, weight etc.), logged on without syncing any rides, and I have seen old rides listed in the table view. In another test, I reset my account but waited for a little while before logging in again and there were no rides listed. So it seems perhaps that the reset stops deleting rides if you log on and initialize your account too soon, whether you sync rides or not? Since we can also remove rides from the table view to reset, it’s not such a big problem.