Old data have huge effect to TP

Hi all. I am new to Xert and really like it! I have had big break off cycling and started again about 4 weeks ago. So far its 300 km in 2018, so Xert doesnt have much data on me. So just for fun i tried to apply my old data from Strava. I only did about 900km in 2017 and also 900 km in 2016, and my break started at the summer 2015. So i took the data from may 2015 and up till today. That changed my TP from 220 to 309! I dont think i have ever been able to do 309 and certaintly not at this point as my form is really bad compared to when i competed in races. So does anyone know why the huge impact? As info i only did endunrance/commuting ind 2016 and 2017, so there is no huge power data or anything like that. I did som 3min Vo2max intervals yesterday (3x3 min) and aimed for 260-270 watts, and i was struggling as i really dont have any power in the red zones right now (i now my watts are low, but i really dont have much power after so long time off the bike). So to have a TP at 309 sounds like madness to me :slight_smile:

Thanks Martin!! Check your decay method settings. Original is likely the best under sparse data conditions. Also look for anomalies in your data. Your last breakthrough should not be more than one or two months ago, maximum, if you are to trust your current numbers. Ideally your last breakthrough should be within a week for a best assessment.

Hi! Same situation here and my last breakthrough shows from last year and so the TP is much higher than i can sustain right now. How do i get it to reset for this years numbers that would be much lower?

Use the Activities table and look for errors in your data. If you still are having trouble send support an email with details. Thanks.

Thanks for the answer Armando. But what kind of errors should we be looking for?
Before i uploaded all the old data from my strava, the TP was 220 (like i mentioned earlier). Then the old data came in, and the TP was up to 309. That is way to high, so i deleted all the old data and just kept the newest from when started training again. But now my TP is 258 and not 220 like it was before? Have i broken the Xert analysis because of adding and removing data?

Hi Martin. I ran a Progression Recalculation, after saving 1000, 20, 220 as your signature. Things look pretty good now.

Hi Armando. Thank you very much, i really appreciate it! Service at the highest level, and things look pretty good now. From now on just trying to get back to raceform and just updated my powerzones with the newest TP. Might try a FTP test of 20 min soon, just to see how the TP feels in real life. Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

Never test your FTP again, Martin. Just train and ride. Power zones aren’t very useful either. Use Focus. Need to start thinking like an Xerter. :slight_smile:

Its difficult to re-programme how i am used to train and now trust analyzing tool 100 percent, but i will give et a chance :)… I am also a fan of Andres Coggan and Hunter Allan, and they use powerzones. Can you give any advice on how to toggle between the different modes in improvement rate? Fx i have a goal in august, but do i need to change the IR during the build up?

Power zones is pretty standard. You should read our blog on Paradigm Shift. You’ll read how using Zones can be problematic.

Change the Improvement Rate based on the number of hours you have to train. If your target event is more than 90 days out, you shouldn’t be choosing anything too high.

Thank you Armando, i will to through your blogs one by one :slight_smile: