Ok question for ya all

I have been looking over the forum and the help section but can´t seem to find anwser to my i guess problem :slight_smile: i have been on here for 3 months now i think it is and i don´t know if i do something wrong or what , but i can´t get out of prebase .

I really don´t know what i am doing wrong i have set my goal to 3 months out so i have time to do a build up and i see the slider that i should be in base and all the faces of the program. But the advice thing keep telling me i am in prebase , and it starting to get old with the same pre base workouts to pick from.

It is at the point that i don´t even follow the workouts it keep picking for me as i have done them a few to many times , and i don´t know how the advicer thing can start to put me in anything else then prebase.

Have i missed something that where i “start” the build and that is why i am in pre base ?

It is frustrating at hell that i can´t get a handle on this :slight_smile:

What target event date is showing in XATA? Just needs to be within 120 days and should work

You do need to click ‘update advice’ (if updating in the goals pop-up) or ‘save’ (if updating in profile)… assuming you’ve done that and it doesn’t work, I’d contact support directly…

I did have the goal set to end of Nov but have change it now to end of the year the slider thing i see the dates where my plan should be , like right now i should be in 1 week in to base according to that. But when i look at where the training pacer is there it say pre base and that my program have not started , and i guess it is from there it picks my workout from.

And it say endurance focus 2 h power is the goal , it is just this pre base why it keep saying i am in that face all the time , so i really don´t know what is wrong if any to be honest.

Sounds like a bug… maybe clear your browser cache and if that doesn’t work try emailing support…

Sounds like the recommended workouts are ok given you are in base phase (2 hour focus)

Are you sure it’s for the correct year? I did this and somehow set it for Dec 21.

well what do you know , that was the problem with why it did not work the freaking thing was set on 21 , why on earth is that a thing , ohhh well got it sorted now and just like that i am in the build phase lol

Thanks for the help i better keep a eye on that when i change the goal dates again.