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Xert Forecast AI Closed Beta is Here

A new chapter in the evolution of endurance training is coming. Traditional training plans are mostly fixed and rigid. Some are adaptive and change with your schedule. The better ones are personalized by a coach. However all of them can’t answer the most essential question: “How fit will I be?”. A good coach can offer an educated guess but getting specifics will have them repeating “It depends”.

This uncertainty will soon come to an end. Xert is setting a new standard with the introduction of Forecast AI - the only platform available that answers athletes’ two most important questions:

  • How fit can I get based on my unique abilities within the time I have available to train?
  • How should I train to achieve this?

Here are the main highlights:

  • Optimizes your Training Plan based on your exact fitness level towards an event or a personal goal you set for yourself:
    • An event could be anything: a race, a granfondo, friendly group ride. Pick from the many options available.
    • A goal could be an increase in power you would like to achieve. “I want to increase my climbing power by 30 watts by May 1st”.
  • Forecasts whether the event/goal is achievable within the timeframe and availability you have set.
  • Personalizes your Training according your existing riding patterns and you can do structured workouts, unstructured workouts, outdoor group rides or rides you do on your favourite indoor virtual cycling platform.
  • (Advanced Users) Training is both Polarized and Periodized according levels you can set for yourself. A pre-event taper is included that leaves you just the right amount of freshness for the event.
  • Schedules your training based on your day-to-day availability as it changes.
  • Includes all your rides you do such as commutes and club rides as part of reaching your goals.
  • Adapts, steers and updates your training as you execute the plan, adjusting for any missed days or days with different training results.
  • Predicts the Changes in your fitness so you don’t need to test to get updated training targets. Everything is up-to-date, all the time.
  • Prescribes the right amount of intensity, based on your specific training status and freshness that aligns towards your goal. No more workouts that are too hard or too easy and have you questioning whether they are worth it. Need more/less recovery than others? Adjust the Recovery Demands slider and Forecast AI takes this into account in regenerating your optimized plan.
  • Tracks your progress with completion indicators letting you know you’re doing all the right things towards preparing for your event or reaching your goal.

All these features are accessed within the new Planner where you can plan your training with a few clicks and visualize how you’ll improve over the course of the training plan.
Over the coming weeks, you’ll receive a notification when you login to join the Forecast AI Beta Program. When you join the Beta program, follow the set up guide to define your goals and everything will be taken care of. No more deciding on this plan or that plan. No more questions about whether you’ll be ready in time. Xert Forecast AI washes away all the uncertainty and you’ll have a plan that caters to you, your unique physiology and your specific goals.

It’s still early beta so watch for more documentation, videos and other help and instructions over the coming weeks.


Anyone else’s /my-fitness page bugged? Blank display and can’t click any of the menu items. If I navigate to another page (like settings) then the menu becomes clickable again.

I think it may be this error?


Yes mine too. It’s completely blank under the fitness signature bar and nothing clickable works.

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I’m also missing the goals tab, so can’t change my improvement rate.

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Me too. Dissappeared.

Fixed now :slight_smile:

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Should be sorted now!

Send a note to support team if you’re still experiencing any issues… include any screenshots if you have them. Cheers!

Where do we provide beta feedback? So far my main issue has been the scheduling.

Not a bug per se but it is prescribing 6+ hour 300+ XSS rides every 3-4 weeks which is an unrealistic amount of time for me to set-aside. I imagine it is because in October I completed a 10 hour sportive that it is picking up.

Reading above it sounds like you should be able to adjust the scheduling or cap the hours but I cannot work it out. Is the idea to just ride less on the day? But then I imagine that will impact ability to reach that goal.

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How can I access the beta, do I need to apply somewhere?

Just wait, it will appear someday.

Ask support.

I feel there’s a gap in the Event Type list. There’s no Multi day event available. Be that Multi day event such as “Haute Route” or Multi day Cycling Holiday for example. They all seem to be set up for single day events.

I’m not sure what’s happened to the calendar. My “Start of the week” is set to Monday but the calendar is showing Fri as Thu, Sat as Fri etc. I have Monday and Friday set to “Unavailable” but the calendar is showing my unavailable days as Tue and Sat ! It appears to be defaulting to a behind the scenes Sunday start of the week even though it’s set to Monday.


Same here, not always but sometimes. When I “reset” it, it is ok.
This issue was on different browsers (safari(mac),firefox(linux and windows).

main issues for me:

  • complete recalculate need when change a little thing (on one pc over vpn is it terrible slow)
  • the TL goes down… start with lowering the TL
  • Wrong Day (Thu is Fri,sometimes)
  • Wrong time duration (set 1h it gives me 2,5h)
  • Ignore “not available” (set activity on this date)
  • Sometimes I switch something on a specific date and save it, when I go in again it is not change.

When I “remove the forecast” and run over again, some things work again but another thing dont work anymore :slight_smile:

I tried the function for over 20 times and everytime one thing was missing, and everytime it was different :slight_smile:

So this is only for information. Everythings is a little “beta” :slight_smile:

Nice ideas and great work.

Thank you!!!


The date picker for the Target Date is also starting the week on Sunday. And it is using a strange US date format. Not sure why whey would use a US date format, I thought Xert was made by reasonable Canadians :smiley:.

Adapt should handle minor changes in your plan
Periodization effect and/or you don’t need to start training right away for your goal.
Could be a timezone issue. Need more detail.
Set to fixed rather than flex.
Try reseting the day availability. There was a recent change in how this is handled.
Could be browser based as well. Try Chrome since it runs the fastest and is more compliant with some of the more newer web technology.

When you remove the forecast, you’ll need to start over. It should remove everything, including availabilties.

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Not a Forecast AI issue. Kindly report to support! Thanks.

You can fine tune things under Goals and Settings. For stage races, slide the Event Preparation and Taper slider to the right.

There’s something strange going as. When I do as you suggest the Target Training Load field completely dissappears. See below…

And the input field goes red and Run Forecast AI goes gray. Can only mean one thing?

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