Offered workouts and target events

My firts question….
I use Xert for some time now, and listen to the podcasts, but i think do not use the full potential.
Some questions….
I have a target event set, the program will train me towards this event. Is it possible to have multiple events? As I do race xc mtb races every two weeks and this is not calculated in the offered workouts.
Secons question, how can I optimize the program workouts as I was offered a 3:30 ride for today, nut I did this yesterday… still for today the program offers me a 3:30 workout… this is strange to me…
Hope could read some help…
Many thanks, Jan

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If you have a main event you could set that as your primary target date and consider in-between mtb races as hard intensity “practice” sessions in preparation for your main event.
Once you complete a progression and reach 4 status stars level you can switch to Continuous ATP and moderate your activities around future events.

XATA will recognize patterns in your weekly schedule and recommend similar activities the following weeks if you maintain that pattern and calculated form is the same.
For example, “Advice is based on your recent activities performed on Saturdays.
If you rode 3 hours last Saturday a similar activity will be suggested if that meets XSS goals based on your IR setting and predicted form. However, you always have the option to alter the pattern and ride a different duration/intensity as your schedule and form permit.

It is more important to consider the pacer needle position than individual days of the week. You want to keep the needle in the 11am-1pm position but that will waver based on how you decide to distribute your hours. For example, Mondays may be your rest day with long rides normally on Saturdays. Sundays might be your “hard” group ride day (or race) and other days of the week medium rides of varying intensity dependent on predicted form and phase (if adhering to a progression).
Depending how you allocate your time and effort you may have a deficit some days and surplus the next but overall your XSS goal evens out over the rolling 7 day cycle that XATA operates on.

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