Off Season Xerting

I plan on following Xert the best I can. The exception being some type of VO2 Workout every 7-10 days,due to being 55+ and info I have read about declining VO2 with age.

  1. Do you reset your Decay Rate? If so, to what?

  2. Do you attempt Breakthrough’s?

I don’t really race,I will attend a Wednesday Night Short Track MTB Series starts 6/1 (5 Races) with the last being 8/1.

Otherwise I just MTB & challenge Strava Segments on Road & MTB

  1. Should I set my Target Event Date for 8/1 or when weather warms up (4/1?)

  2. After taking a week or so off to re-group,how do you handle the Training Adviser? Slow the Improvement Rate down?