Off-line Mode for Indoor Training

If for any reason you lack Internet/cellular coverage or the XO server is down, you’ve got a fallback option.

Off-line Mode for Indoor Training
Version 1: For a simple solution there is a stored workout on EBC comprised of a basic 1-hour over/under LTP workout that operates without a data connection.
Ride it as is or dial up the % if to make it harder such as over/under TP or hangout in between LTP and TP (tempo/SS) or dial it down to never exceed LTP.
Ride at whatever intensity you want for as long as you want by restarting it. I.e. end workout (not activity), select it again, and continue to record as one activity.
Want to add some sprint intervals? Switch to Slope mode.

Your signature values are from the last time EBC synced to XO which should be fine 99.9% of the time unless your last activity wasn’t recorded on EBC and happened to include a BT with a substantial signature change.

Version 2: An enhanced version supports selecting from nine pre-defined 1-hour workouts stored on EBC. Endurance plus the other Focus Duration points (Sprint TT, Climber, GC Specialist, Rouleur, Breakaway Specialist, Puncheur, Pursuiter, and Road Sprinter). Or a wheel graphic with tap points starting at 2 min through to 1hr+ (Endurance).
Same as above. Ride as long as you want. For a longer ride skip cooldown, end workout, select again, skip warm-up, keep riding.
Could also operate like Autogen with options to select Specificity and XSS value or duration.
Example, give me 75 minutes of Mixed Rouleur or 130 XSS at whatever duration is required.

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Downloading a few favourite ZWO files and keeping them in my Zwift workouts folder structure works for me, ‘Riders on the storm’ in non-smart mode is some fun in Zwift :grin: (Even if the current f-signature is slightly out it’s easy to +/- the IF to compensate)