Odd threshold change

I’ve been on Xert for about a year now.
I probably peaked last June after a trip to Italy and have seen my power numbers slowly decline, as expected from my training.

Something odd happened to my stats at the weekend.

Last few outside rides have been HR only and I’ve left my Assioma pedals on the indoor setup. I did a ramp workout last weekend and gota small breakthrough lifting my power by 3W, I saved the breakthrough report, and I have had a few like that over recent months.Iirc that last breakthrough brought me to 252W threshold and something under 1kW peap power.

However, after riding outside on Sunday just gone, I suddenly find that my power numbers are TP 286, PP 1119W, with a most recent breakthrough reported as some months ago, which I just don’t understand.

The only thing I have knowingly done to my data is delete a few second rude recorded by the Garmin app on my phone when I was updating the firmware on a speed sensor.

Strange as until this point I had put a lot of faith in the Xert numbers.

Is it possible to work out what has caused this retrospective change? Seems very odd that it can discard my recent breakthroughs, those over the past 6 months or so.

I’m wondering if there is some rogue data got in there which gave me unrealistic numbers for some months ago which I have never actually reached since.

It is not unusual for PP to rise 150 watts or more when moving from a long period riding indoors to outdoors where you can really sprint.
First thing you can do is go to Activities Table, set to Show 100, and scan the list for odd signature changes.
Next select Edit Columns, enable Max Power, sort by that column and flag any activities that show obvious power spikes. If there are several to flag, tick the left column box first before selecting Flag icon in upper right.
Next go to Account Settings, Profile, HRDM and see if Resting and Max HR entries are correct. If not, update the numbers and select Save Settings. Do NOT Recalcuate Progression. :wink:
If flagging activties and the HRDM adjustment doesn’t produce the results you expect, contact support@xertonline.com and they can take a look at your data.
Otherwise congratulations are in order. You have reached the next level in the game and you can purchase a new bike. :+1:

There were some activities uploaded twice, where my Garmin has pushed to Strava and then Xert has got it from both Garmin and Strava, I am generally good and stopping those straight away but have removed those I found just recently.
However this hasn’t changed my signature noticably, and still my most recent breakthrough is reported as 6 months ago rather than the one I was notified of last week (and several in between too have gone)

Anyway, email sent to support asking for them to take a look.