NPE Runn incline integration


Various applications like Stryd and RunCline let you manually input treadmill incline data to recalculate power data.

The NPE Runn is a sensor that records speed, cadence and incline of a treadmill. The NPE run has become readily available via Zwift. I have purchased one for the incline data (I will still rely on my Stryd footpod for the speed and cadence data).

I (like others will use power for my training methodology). Therefore, now that the NPE Runn will become a mainstream device for providing treadmill incline data, it would be good if the Xert app could be updated to include the incline data and thus corrected power data that is recalculated with the incline data.

Is there a plan in place to recalculate the power data via incline values ?

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Thanks for the heads up. We’ll monitor interest and also see if the new data influences fitness calculations.

I’ll go ahead and say that I’m on the edge of buying one of these as well. One, because it’ll be more accurate that the treadmill measurements when my wife runs (and it’s half the cost of buying a Stryd for her, which she wouldn’t get as much use out of), but having incline data on a treadmill run would be quite valuable for me since I can use it to record the fact that I’m simulating long hills on the treadmill that simply aren’t an option outdoors given the typical rolling terrain here.

I would be interested in that as well.