NPE Cable + Android - how should this show up?

I’ve got a Hammer H1 that only works with the iOS app now and have been using my MacBook to run it, which is a less than ideal setup. I found a used NPE CABLE, but wanted to confirm how it’s setup on Android before I buy it. Looking at the DCRainmaker article, for iOS it looks like there’s a separate “ANT+ Adapter” option under sensors that shows up, but on Android, it’s only showing the usual (Radar, Power, Trainer Control, Heart Rate, Cadence, and Speed). Is this something that only shows up once the NPE device is paired, or is there some other way that the NPE CABLE bridging work? I’m on the latest Xert EBC on a Pixel 6a running Android 13. Thanks!

If the CABLE is working properly, you will see it listed at the bottom of the sensors list on EBC Android.
Once enabled there you should see entries for whatever you have paired CABLE to using the NPE app on your iPhone.

Do you think ANT+ trainer control might work?
Isn’t the problem going to be the H1 doesn’t support FTMS under Bluetooth?

Thanks! I can control the H1 over ANT+ from my 520/945 so I’m pretty confident it can work for ANT+ trainer control (unfortunately the Android devices I have don’t have native ANT+ radios). The old Xert Android app and the iOS app do support the proprietary bluetooth trainer control protocol the H1/H2 use, but EBC dropped it, hence my looking for a workaround.

Yes, once you pair the CABLE at the bottom of the sensor list, you should then be able to see ANT+ ID for your trainer under the Trainer Control Section… (no need to mess with the actual CABLE app). HTH!