Now free to use platforms

FYI: BigRingVR and RGT are now temporarily free for everyone. If you ever wanted to try them extensively, now’s your chance. (this links to a challenge CyclingLab will be running together with BigRingVR)


Now that these are widely available for free, I should update the documentation to reflect how you can also perform Xert workouts while pedaling along in RGT or BigRingVR (not familiar with this one). The general idea is the same tho… pair Power Meter/Trainer in Xert App and then have the background app collect all the data (power, cadence, HR, etc).

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BigRingVR has the option to load a workout file with your video of choice. I haven’t done that, as I will use the Xert app to manage my Neo and send power from it via Ant+ to BigRingVR (so no trainer control there), but I suppose it’s like with other platforms, you would lose Smart functionality if only running BigRingVR.

But, since it is Ant+ only, the way I do it would work - most trainers are BLE and Ant+ anyway…


BigRingVR developer, and Xert subscriber, here.

When loading a workout from Xert into BigRingVR using, for example, a ZWO file, you will lose the smart functionality of Xert. If you enjoy that (who doesn’t?), then the best way to use BigRingVR with Xert workouts is to only pair the trainer as a power meter with BigRingVR.
If you have a simple endurance workout on your program, or a workout that is better without trainer control, it is more fun to ride in SIM mode on BigRingVR.

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Precisely what I thought and do to keep training Smart :sunglasses: With the latest Xert iOS app, I now also have FMTS support for my Neo - you needed a Cable device for that before.

I think that uploading workout functionality works only for paid subscripton.

Neat! I’ll have to check it out, thanks for sharing!

Probably (I do pay, so I’m not sure) but they are free to try for now, meaning all functionality is available. Like I said, if you would like to test either service, now is your chance. BigRingVR is totally worth it btw, but that’s just me :sunglasses:

Pity it didn’t have an apple TV version.

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Yeah… Apple OS (iPhone/iPad/Apple TV) version development doesn’t come cheap - I’m glad they have a Mac version, which offers plenty of opportunities, but you have to figure out how to get Smart workouts, as Mac is BLE only :sunglasses:

BigRingVR doesnt have all functionality available free now. Apart from disabled function to performing pre-load or custom workout, only a few routes are available. I appreciate this nice gesture from them, but just to be clear, that its not all free, its free with limited functionality. I know this platfrom well and they sent me email about this step and I agree they are worth it. I tried many platforms included Rouvy, Kinomap… but end up somewhere else, because I wanted high video quality. Then I came across BigRingVR and was impressed with it.

Okay - sorry, I didn’t know they put limitations on it. Now I’m not sure what the extent of the ‘free’ period is. They have a standard two weeks trial anyway, so that is limited too and is this now a bit longer, for as long as the challenge runs? Can you enlighten me/us @ibooij ?

After reading the Strava post, I suppose you’re limited to the 11 rides in the challenge. So maybe loading your own workout is not included in this challenge period, but it would be in the 2 weeks trial? If it is in neither, they should consider including it…

Hi all,

When you’re a new trial user, all functionality is available. Trials last 14 days. Note that if you’ve done a trial a long time ago, i.e. more than 2 years ago and want to try again, please drop us a line at so we can enable a new trial for you.

For non-trial users that have no subscription, the 11 rides from the challenge are available for free. Workout functionality does is not available for non-trial users.

As for not being all free: We are a small company without large (VC) funding and the costs of providing all our rides for free would simply be too high.


Fair enough - thanks for explaining, Ilja! And I would like to state once again, BigRingVR is totally worth the subscription fee. Trust me on this :grin:


Speaking of free: I’ve totally missed the VeloReality free 720p streaming option that is now available. I think that’s a bold move, as they hope you’ll upgrade to the full HD or even 4K stream, but I wouldn’t be that optimistic. VeloReality’s video quality is as good as BigRingVR’s and the software to run it is free, but Windows only (unless you have Parallels and a Windows license).

Which platforms offer 100% bike cam videos?
Getting a bit bored and thought I’d try something new to watch while running the Xert Player.
I only want a service that shows real HD videos shot from the cyclist’s viewpoint (not a vehicle dashcam).

What I’d really like to see is a HD video service that lets you pan 360 degrees while riding a course. For that I’d pay for the subscription. :star_struck:

I can highly recommend fulgaz. Great videos in 4k of beatiful places and almost every epic climb. It has an apple tv app which works great for me.
The option for passive control (power read only) is a little hidden in advanced setting but you can absolutly have your phone control xert and watch the ride on your big screen.
The reactive speed works good for me as most footage seems to be recorded between 180 and 230 watts, so of course you have the fast-forward effect sometimes (not so bad unless you push 300 watts or hammer a sprint) or slow-mo … I was stuck in a 20% climb during recovery yesterday :slight_smile:

I think Kinomap offers mostly ‘on bike’ footage. Check them out to see if it meets your criteria, as I’m not sure how much of it is in HD. These days, most of it will be though…