Not seeing interval target in Build phase (XATA)

Hello all, I’m currently in my Build Phase and when looking at the XATA, I don’t see my interval targets for my outdoor rides (see screenshot).

I’ve been using Xert for a few year now and I’m pretty sure I should see interval target at the Build phase…

thanks for your help!

The exact interval target watts number has been removed as many newbies were misinterpreting what the number was meant to be used for.
What you can do now instead is run Autogen to create a simple workout that can be downloaded and ridden outdoors. Or simply view that workout details to note target watts and duration then replicate that effort on your ride to achieve the intended XSS ratio goal for the day.
Alternately you could look up the Focus Duration value on your Power Duration Curve and use that as a rough guide where the value represents the minimum watts for a HIT workout interval or maximum watts for LIT endurance.
For example, look up your current value for Rouleur 6-minute power as the minimum watts for any intervals you work into an outdoor free ride.


Makes sense, thank you for your response!