Not Saving and Uploading an IPhone Workout

I just completed my first XERT workout on the iPhone using the player. Workout was SMART - The Dog Days are Over. When complete I hit the stop button and then the save icon. I received a beep which I though meant workout was saved. When I reclogged into it was not saved to XERT. I then tried to play a Recovery 60 workout on iPhone. Repeated the stop and save steps got beep and then checked XERT and got a SMART I won’t Back Down workout saved?? Help There is no browser to refresh on iPhone! Thanks

Hi Charlie. There is an issue with the iPhone app. It is best to choose the workout using Xert Online first, close down the iOS app and restart from the launch menu. If you record successive workouts, there have been those that have lost their recordings. Sorry for the trouble.

Thanks for the quick response and solution! I appreciate it.

Armando I just tried to use iPhone again today and it did not save any data and always saved SMART - Almost Easy Ride instead of one I rode. Will this problem be fixed with iOS11? As I have not loaded yet. If not I will just use Garmin Connect and xert workout player until fixed. I do like iPhone format but small issue. Thanks

You can record concurrently by using the iPhone and Garmin at the same time and just delete the recorded activity from the iPhone as we address the issue.

Thanks will I await further guidance as issue addressed