Not enough recent activities?

I just signed up / registered for Xert. I recognized that it’s some pretty heady stuff, but so far seems a little overwhelming with little good instruction. For instance, I just synced a year’s worth of data from Strava, and Xert is giving me the following error: “There aren’t enough recent activities for the Adaptive Training Advisor to analyze. Please Sync/Upload at least 4 activities from the past month.” Seems crazy since I count 10 activities in the past calendar month (12/04/17 - 01/03/18). Not my best month ever, but there’s data there. Can anyone please advise? Thanks!

Just trying to help out here: did those activities contain power data ? If yes there is an issue indeed, and I am sure Armando will come back to you, if not they will not be counted for by XERT if I understood correctly

Looking back through my activities, 4 rides were with power: 12/5, 12/6, 12/11 and 1/1

Looks like that’s just 3, if you go back 4 weeks (not a month so you’re correct). 4 activities is that absolute minimum and not really recommended. The system give best results with a complete history. For the moment, you can ignore the error but you should take the Training Status freshness rating with a grain of salt, so to speak.

Understood. I imagine I’ll surpass that minimum level in the next few days here…
Thanks for the quick reply!