Noob - FTP / Signature question

Hello all,
Im new to Xert (on one month trial) and i love theory / data that sits behind the programme however i have a question around my figures so i’d like to know suggestions around what i should do next.

I did a ramp test on TR mid Feb that pulled in 267 FTP (last part of build phase), since that time i hit the wall so rolled back the structured training but kept riding 5 times a week. This week I opened my Xert account and my FTP is showing as 241 with the TR reading from Feb showing a Threshold Power of 252.

It looks to me as though my numbers are down however im probably missing something. If they are down is there a ride i should to do recalculate my figures or should i increase my signature figures?

Any thoughts would be appreciated.


With Xert it’s all about ebb and flow as your fitness signature values modulate between phases (pre-base, base, build, peak, taper). During base phase your signature will decay over the weeks since your last breakthrough event. In your case that event was your RAMP test.
You can always select a breakthrough (BT) workout from the library to “check” your current signature. You’ll be warned to do that if a BT hasn’t been registered in awhile.
Decay can also be disabled during base phase.
BT events can include a Zwift race or weekend group ride or any workout with some high watt hammering and a sprint.
For related discussions click the magnifying lens at top of the forum and search for “decay”, “breakthrough”, and “fakethrough”.

There is lots of information to absorb here. :slight_smile: Some common topics are posted here:

+1 Zwift Race for BT :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for the prompt response both. I’ll do a Zwift race and some more reading :+1:

Try one of the Crit City (Downtown Dolphin) races on Zwift. Easiest way I’ve found to get my signature set, most of these only take 20 mins. Make sure you do an all out sprint at the finish.

just completed the 3:45 Crit City race, went too late on the sprint however managed to bump my TP up 10watts, so thanks for the tip!

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