Non-syncable activities

I have a basic training load of 5 sessions per week. If I skip a session it’s because my “other hobby” is running a farm and I happen to have have spent 10 hours on something like climbing around treetops with a chainsaw.
The result is Xert thinking I’m very fresh and recommends that I do a long and hard session when I’m so physically drained I just want to curl up in a ball and sleep for a week. Then when I’ve had a few days at the office with a half-hour HIIT sessions squeezed in at the end, it thinks I’m “very tired” and recommends a recovery session when I actually feel more like a monster 3-hour interval session.

Is there a way to input this kind of information or is Xert just not the tool for me?

Click on goals and there’s a freshness bar you can slide to determine how fresh you are or are not. Xert will then adjust your rides according to your input.

Click on the date in the past and describe the activity including values for duration and XSS.
For example, Other, 2 hours, 120 XSS.
Must be a date in past or Planner assume you are adding a future activity you might do.
Once you have other activities on file you can search for them and drag and drop onto the Planner. Again, drop on a date in the past to indicate it is a completed activity.

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Immediately after a new activity is saved, form is calculated for that moment.
Color of stars may change to yellow or red depending on how long and/or difficult the activity was.
Your status stars color is changing continuously.
The color of the triangle in the Training Pacer reflects estimated form 24 hours from now.
For example, status stars go red immediately after activity is uploaded but Pacer triangle shows yellow or blue for tomorrow. Or view the Planner for prediction of when freshness will return to green.
If you feel differently than form calculation, use the Freshness Feedback slider before making selections.

As far as weekly patterns go, XATA reflects what you have done on same day of the week in recent past. You can always mix things up week to week by ignoring the same-day advice and consider the pacer needle position instead. For example, I had a deficit (relative to Noon position) of 42 pts today, but recommendation was for 94 XSS due to what I normally do on Sundays.
I decided an hour was what I could ride today, so changed Select Duration to 30min-1hour, reviewed my options, and picked a 45-minute session. As a result, I have a small surplus for tomorrow which is also my usual rest day. YMMV

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