non power rides

how does xert handle and analyse HR only rides

Hi Steve. Sorry for the delay in response but we had been working on an update to Xert Mobile for Android that may be of interest. Our latest release has an improved HR derived power algorithm. it will determine power from HR, even determining carb/fat consumption, MPA, XSS, etc. just as the app does with regular power data coming from a power meter. You can upload the activities to Xert and they will get treated as regular power data files.

To use this capability, download and install Xert Mobile from the Google Playstore. Configure your HR sensor using the SCAN tab. Also configure a food pod for cadence as this will improve results if you’re running. On the SETTINGS/PHYSIOLOGY tab configure your minimum and maximum heart rate if you know them. Minimum heart rate should be your standing resting heart rate.

Xert Mobile uses your min/max HR values and your fitness signature to establish estimates of various parameters that define your power-to-hr relationship. Some other parameters are based on generalized, non-calibrated values. In the future, we’ll provide a way to calibrate additional power-to-HR parameters using cycling power data. This will enable you to essentially get similar power numbers from any activity as you get while cycling.

Any plans to incoporate this into Garmin IQ? Its highly unlikley I won’t have a power meter on a bike unless I have battery give up on me. Would be a useful placeholder.

We’ll likely move to CIQ later next year when we introduce derived power calibration.

Hi Armondo use garmin to record rides but cant see any values or recognition of the ride in my fitness

Sorry Steve. Xert Online doesn’t yet have the ability to analyze your HR data in the same way that it analyzes power data. Our only option at the moment is to use our Xert Mobile Android app that will convert HR to power on the fly.

Oh darn it, I wish I’ve had known about Xert Mobile HR feature, I would have used it in all my Indoor Cycling classes that I teach. Oh well, now I know:).

Also what about Running Power Meter like this one, will Xert Mobile or Online be able to accommodate? It’s an Android compatible device.

You can use any power meter source with Xert. The challenge with using a Stryd together with activities from other power meters within your progression data is that they don’t generate similarly scaled power numbers. From what we have seen, Stryd’s numbers are generally much higher than your cycling power meter numbers. Hence, analyzing them with one fitness signature will not work correctly. Our options are to provide a way to scale the Stryd data so that the power data is adjusted to enable you to use the same fitness signature. Alternatively we could provide a separately managed signature/progression for just Stryd data with one account. Essentially it would analogous to having two “accounts” that you could easily switch between. Thoughts/opinions are welcome.

In the future, when we can offer the ability to calibrate your HR, it will enable you to use your HR derived power from any activity and, in principle, you’ll be able to use a single fitness signature as it will itself be used in the calibration process. Xert Mobile does this partially today, as your fitness signature is used to map to various HR levels. Although we recognize that HR doesn’t respond equivalently in all exercise modalities, we can use cycling power data as the anchor set of parameters and then further adjust the parameters with ones that are specific to the modality. This will enable an athlete to calibrate using a simple on-bike fitness test and then use the parameters, with the adjustments, in a wide range of activities.

Hello Armando, yesterday I did a ride using Xert Mobile App with only HR, Cadence and speed, at the same time had my Garmin edge 1000 collecting data normally ( watts) just to see if Xert will work as described above in this thread. Xert ride is on my Dashboard but unfortunately Xert didn’t recognize the date to upload on XMPC and I think Xert pop up message said something " invalid date for signature " ! The same ride from Garmin is on my Dashboard= XPMC.

Shar, was XM showing valid power data? Can you open the summary screen and see the stats from the activity?

The file uploaded did not contain any power data. Be sure to check “Auto Enable Derived Power” under Settings/Options. You should then see power data on the display while your HRM is connected. Adjust your minimum/maximum heart rate under Settings/Physiology. You should be able to then compare the data in real-time with your Garmin power data while you’re biking to see how it works for you. If it does work well, you can then use the app during other activities to capture power data, XSS, carb/fat usage, core body temp, etc.

Armando & Admin, I disabled the power OFF on purpose and left other sensers on to see if the Power get determined by HR on XM! Armando Quoted, above “Our latest release has an improved HR derived power algorithm. it will determine power from HR, even determining carb/fat consumption, MPA, XSS, etc. just as the app does with regular power data coming from a power meter”

So lemme be clear! So the whole idea of using Garmin Edge ( Power ->enabled) and XM ( Power-> disabled ) just to compare the data from both sides ( counting that XM will generate Watts value from HR)

Yes. This is one way to compare in real-time. Be sure to go to SETTINGS/OPTIONS and set “Auto-enable Derived Power” on XM. You should not have any power meters enabled in the SCAN menu. Just your HRM and a cadence/speed sensor if you have them. Once you start your recording, you should see power data in the gauge. All the metrics will be determined based on these power values.

Ahhha, I just saw that I didn’t not set " the Auto- enable…" ON. Thank you very much. On another note, how come Xert doesn’t determine MHR, Thershold HR…etc. just little PT?

More HR-based analysis and metrics are on our roadmap. HR Derived Power is just a small first step.

Could we get HR derived power during WO analysis? And thus we could account for XSS accumulated in cross training (running, skiing, swimming, hiking, etc.)? Or do we have that and I missed it?

At the moment, you’ll need Xert Mobile configured for Derived Power and properly tuned with your min/max HR values.

I have an iPhone :frowning:

iOS is on our roadmap.