Non-cycling workouts


I’m a rower who rides and runs a lot, and coincidentally develops software for a living. I think your product is really incredible! However I wish that I could take rowing/running workouts into account, as not having them is throwing off my fitness planner by a long way.

Simply scaling up the freshness feedback to compensate doesn’t really work, and it is annoying when I can see reasonable xss numbers being generated for the running and rowing workouts from HR data. I can imagine this possibly saves you a lot of support headaches, but would it be possible to have this back as an option?

If not, are there recommended ways for me to fudge this?

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Maybe I just needed to wait a little longer for non-rowing activites to load? It seems that they might be being taken into account now?

This is exactly what brought me to this forum. While I like this app for cycling the lack of counting my runs into my form is frustrating. After subscribing for a few years I won’t renew unless it changes. I will probably move to training peaks.

there is a couple of ways you can get credit for non cycling activities
1- if you have heart rate data it will derive info from that and generate an XSS score
2- if you go to the planner calendar and click on an activity you will have the option to enter an XSS. if you have a reasonable idea of the associated XSS you believe the activity cost then that may be the best option.

I believe somewhere on the site that Dr Cheung mentioned he had used the heart rate derived data to include rock climbing into his fitness data.
so there ar eways that I think are reasonable work arounds.

I just looked at my last run and it was recorded with heart rate. For whatever reason it doesn’t have an xss score. I try to run 2-3 times per week. Me filling in the blanks for some work around that often doesn’t appeal to me. This is great software for someone who only cycles. Past that it is lacking.

If you go to your Settings > Profile there is an option called heart rate derived metrics. It must have heart rate and some form of cadence then it will generate an XSS score.

I run with just a Forerunner 35 and it works well enough.

Cool I will try that. I use a forerunner 245. Thanks!

It worked thanks for the tip. I might hang around longer now.

Use Painsled app for your erg. It outputs it as a cycling activity. Xert seems to utilize it properly even with cadence,etc. Outside, hmmm