No workouts on web

Home → My Fitness → Training on web page under workout suggested I’m getting the message “No suitable exercises found”. If I go to mobile app there is a suggestion and that then appears on my training page. However, there are still no other workouts under ‘Recommended Training’. What’s going on?

Is Filter red? Reset it.

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Thanks. Yes it was but I have a colour deficiency so couldn’t see it :man_facepalming:

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Have you tried any browser extensions that can be configured for colour deficiency?
Or would that not have helped in this case?

Hmmm not sure if it would have helped, claiming ignorance here I’m afraid :joy: but I will look into it. Thanks for the suggestion.

If running Windows 10/11 you can also try Color Filters under Settings.


Below this screen are three colorblind options along with a color wheel to see what changes.

I’m on Mac but it also has colour filters and other accessibility options for colour deficiencies, however, these seem to over compensate and while making the Xert page more readable other colours go quite weird. I’ve also tried the Dalton browser extension, this has similar effects to the Mac but at least this is restricted to the browser. Unforturnately, neither of these options allow me to really discern what colour the filter widget is but they do help with the stars :grinning: