No workouts can be found

On a trial account at the moment and logged in this morning to find that all of the recommended workouts seem to end with the word “(Copy)”. When I try to select a workout I get the error message “Workout Not Found” and a pop up saying “Datatables warning: Table id=workous-standard - Requested unkown parameter ‘owner’ for row 7, coulmn 9”…sounds like a database issue. Am I the only person affected?

You can file a support request with
(Copy) normally indicates custom workouts created in Workout Designer but I thought that function was disabled in a trial.

Lots of newbie tips in this thread when you get things sorted out –
Beginner questions - Support - Xert Community Forum (

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Thanks very much ridgerider2!

I have emailed support as you have suggested and will look through the tips thread as I wait to (hopefully) get going again!

Hi Jim!

Thanks for your message. I think we’ve found the source of the issue and are resolving now. We’ll follow up with you via email.


A big thanks to Scott in XERT support for sorting out my issue so quickly.

Much appreciated! :+1: