No speed shown in Xert Player on Garmin Edge 520 with Smart Trainer

Disable my Bkool Smart Go Trainer on my Garmin Edge 520 under sensor. Select Xert Player on Garmin Edge 520 Connect IQ, then scanning for trainer, found it and select. Start my workout but only Xert Player shown my ant+ hrm and wahoo bluetooth/ant+ cadence sensor, as for smart trainer only shown power but no speed is shown. Is it Xert Player when connect to smart trainer, take in power only?

If the trainer sends speed as part of the ANT FE-C interface, it will pick it up. If it uses a separate ANT channel, it won’t unfortunately. You can try pairing it as a speed sensor on the Garmin but may run into trainer control issues and will need to remove it if this happens.

My trainer do send speed as i have been using it on some other simulator like zwift, roadgrandtour, bkool premium…
So am wondering how can i troubleshoot…

Unfortunately, we haven’t fully qualified the player on the BKool trainer. For the trainers that we have tested and for many other that our users are using, the speed is working normally. If speed isn’t coming through, it may be due to coming in via some other ANT+ channel. Once we get our hands on one of these trainers, we’ll be able to troubleshoot and look for a solution for you. (Luckily though, speed has 0 impact to your training so shouldn’t be a problem in terms of getting quality training with the player.)

Ok noted. Another thing is, can i not disable smart trainer sensor on garmin edge as happens a few times i forgot to enable it back for my other simulator.

Back button for Trainer Control menu and then select OFF.

But, if i select OFF on Trainer Control of Xert Player, xert workout will not be able to control my trainer. What i mean is, can i just leave it enable under sensor on my Garmin Edge 520?

It likely won’t work in the player if it setup as a sensor on the Garmin sensors menu. If it is setup only on the player, it will have no impact until you run the app.

Ok noted. Thanks alot for your prompt reply.