No speed and distance in .FIT file from Connect IQ App?


I did my first SMART workout using the Connect IQ App today, and it worked perfectly except for one thing: It seems no speed or distance data was recorded in the .FIT file uploaded to Garmin Connect. The app showed speed during the workout, and I’m almost certain it displayed total distance after I ended the workout, so the data was available to the app. I was using a Kickr trainer powermatched to a Stages power meter.

I know speed is sort of useless as a metric on a trainer in ERG mode, but Strava doesn’t display the activity properly without speed and distance data, and I like using distance to track and compare my trainer sessions.

I’m pretty sure I have the latest version of the app installed, but it isn’t always easy to tell in Garmin Connect Mobile. May I suggest adding the version number to the start up screen of the app?

I also thought the app would upload the activity directly to my Xert profile the same way the mobile app does?

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Hello Torstein, we’ll check to see how we can get speed and distance to show in Strava. The app uploads your activity FIT file to Garmin Connect automatically which will then show in Xert once you have your Garmin Connect link setup.

Thanks! Just to be clear, speed and distance didn’t show in Garmin Connect either.

Im asking a similar question on this. Edge 520, iphone connected on GC, running xert on the edge i see speed during the session but when it uploads the distance is all broken. In this mornings case I had GPS switched on as I was doing a smart workout outside. Its also still making a lap every 8km which happens exclusively only when using the xert app on the edge. In my case, GC shows the correct data but when its uploading to Strava it breaks. I have to manually download the GC file and manually upload it to Strava in order for it to work.
Is it possible to freeride before and after a workout on xert? i.e start my workout AND record the ride that was before/after the workout or am I expected to have 3 activity files - 1 before I start xert, 1 during xert and 1 after xert? Thanks

You can START NOW or START LATER when the workout is loaded. If you start later, it will record until your start the workout. Then the workout is recorded and at the end of the workout, you can END WORKOUT and continue to record. All one activity.

Are you using smart trainer? If you have a smart trainer configured in the app, speed data will appear as a developer field since Garmin doesn’t yet fully support trainers. We’ve had to use lower level APIs which prevent speed from bring recorded natively in the FIT file. We hope to resolve this with Garmin in the coming months.

This ride was outside but all my indoor rides are indeed with a smart trainer (neo)

I have got the same problem. Garmin Connect shows all data, but Strava did not. My equipment: Edge 1000, Smart Trainer Tacx T2180, my legs :slight_smile: Ok, what I observed is the problem about data of gps data, I know, that on stationary trainer it shouldn’t be in FIT file, but it is. After fix FIT file by deleting gps data from the file, all is ok in Strava after importing fixed file. So, Admin, please repair it quickly :slight_smile:

Yes. There is an outstanding issue with how Strava shows some data. Did you have GPS ON or OFF in the Xert Player? If you turn GPS OFF in the middle of the recording, it will still be in the FIT file.

gps off in gamin system and xert player before start. so still is something wrong…

Ok. Thanks.

Mr. Armando, I’m a programmer too. Maybe can help ?

The problem appears to be that we’re using a developer field for speed, as we use it to store speed data from the trainer. Strava priortizes this data, even if it has 0s from riding outdoors, and they also haven’t yet defined how they will parse it so, either way, it isn’t showing up correctly on their system. You should submit a trouble-ticket with them (as will we) as they should have some logic that if the developer speed is 0, it should simply use regular speed data in the FIT file. We can look to populate the developer field with regular speed data as a workaround but we still have the issue that we’re not sure how Strava will interpret the data as they haven’t published this info.

Did you ever find out how to get speed and distance to show in the end?


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Had my first ride on a Garmin 1030 plus and have the same issue therefore I deleted it and used the Zwift data for Strava and Garmin. Interesting that in the Garmin app there’s no speed and distance, too.

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