No Save button anymore in Fitness Planner

Yesterday I wanted to correct my XSS in the Fitness Planner, because my power meter did not record my full training session (battery empty). There used to be a ‘Save’ button on the bottom right of the window. This button is no longer available to me. I tested on two Windows 10 machines, on Firefox (my default browser), Chrome and Edge. In all cases the latest stable version. None of them showed the ‘Save’ button. Does anyone else experience the same problem (is this a bug?)?

Hi Alex,

It’s not a bug… if an activity contains any power data, you won’t be able to edit the XSS/Focus/Specificity of the activity. What you can do is enter a manual activity for however much XSS you’re missing, and then match the Focus/Specificity to the original ride. HTH

Thanks! I thought I was going nuts, but that makes sense.