No rating for Zwift/Indoor workouts

I’ve noticed that any of my workouts that were performed indoors (Zwift) do not have a difficulty rating. Is this because the workout info is being downloaded directly from Zwift (power via my trainer) vs. through my Garmin?

Strange, going back in a reopening some of the workouts that had no rating seemed to “refresh” them and now ratings appear…never-mind!

Kevin, You brought it my attention, I don’t have rating for my indoor training ( a couple for outside too) as well for over 14 rides! I did refresh everything and still see N/A.

I refreshed a few today and they magically had ratings. I had looked at them several times before so I’m not sure what happened to change them today.

Armando, I see the same thing happening. Can you have a look ?

Hi Bart,

This should have been cleared up as of last week. If there are specific activities you’re seeing this problem with, please fire an email over to with the activity URLs. Thanks!

Hi Patrick, check my latest activity for example. I also see a error: timestamps not correct ?

Here’s what we see on our end: Capture. Where was this activity synchronized from?

Hi Patrick,
I see the same thing, I don’t see the rating in the dashboard :
Screen Shot 2016-11-24 at 09

The files are created by trainerroad > synced to strava > imported in xert

Now isee the rating. I still see the timestamp error

Hi Bart,

Indeed. Turns out some dashboard functionality was broken during a recent change. It should be fixed now.

Earlier on, the timestamp popups were helpful for us on the development side. We’ve now removed them as they are largely inconsequential for users.

Excellent ! Thanks Patrick !