No power ride - HR derived

A long waited feature that I just had the opportunity to use. XSS, Work and Equiv Power derived from HR data of an outdoor activity. It seems that it also uses cadence data to tweak the results (unavailable in my case).
Just a sidenote: it’s from a MTB ride so I’m a little sceptical as I only ride my road bike. Nevertheless, very happy about this improvement on the system.


Awesome! Glad you were able to take advantage of HRDM! I also use HRDM for all my mtb rides, as I don’t have a PM for that bike :slight_smile:


I have a question (or maybe theres something I don’t understand).

The training advisor does not seem to account for the XSS obtained from derived activities.
I took 2 days of break from Xert this week but on those days, I did 2 activities using HR monitor to benefit from those breaks. According to Xert, those activities are worth approximately the same amount of XSS as I would have obtained if I had trained.

However, the training advisor is reporting that I have a deficit of approximately 2 days worth of training.

Any idea about this?