No power data after completing a CIQ Workout

I just completed a CIQ planned workout, and selected save after pressing the “play/pause” button on my Edge 520. The save successfully uploaded to Garmin Connect, and I can see several data fields, such as heart rate, cadence, target power, trainer speed, trainer power and MPA. However, when this synchronizes to Strava (and subsequently Xert), none of that power data transfers, so I’m left with a blank activity entry, and a popup that says, “no power available” or something similar. Thinking that Strava might have stripped that data in it’s original sync, I exported the TCX file directly from Garmin Connect, and attempted to upload to Xert, which seems to have worked slightly better than the Strava transfer, but there is still no data to compute with. I appreciate your help! Happy to share any TCX/etc. files that would help the cause. Xert-Screenshot GarminConnect-Screenshot

I did see the FAQ topics on this thread but in there it says that Strava is able to see power data coming from the “developer field” but in my case it doesn’t appear Strava did.

Strava appears to have removed this feature.

So, what’s the best method for bringing in the activity completed using the CIQ player into Xert Online?

Garmin Connect. Use the link in the menu and login. All your activities will come in automatically.