No initial Sync & no iOS Player Connect


I am new to Xert and i am playing around for a while with syncing (Strava), uploading, different quantity of historic data and so on, to see wether this makes a difference or not. Just to understand the system. I deleted my activities in xert, did a new sync and even reset my account and initiated it new with the wizard. It worked a few times. And now: It does not sync anymore at the moment. It does not sync or calculate any activities, although the system found unsynced at Strava.

And anoter problem: Xert Player for iOS does not find my wahoo kickr core. Any other App does. I am using Zwift and i wanna use Xert player in combination.

Please help!

Thanks Bob Sponge

I disconnected Strava and reconnected it. Doesn‘t help.

It all worked fine during the free trail month. Since I paid for subscription I have problems.

Thx Bob.

File a one-on-one support request with:

Sometimes it helps to delete the iOS app and then re-download it from the App Store.

Thank you all. I filed a request and will see what happens. In the meanwhile i try to keep my kickr core connected to the iOS Xert Player.

Hi all!

The Xert Support solved my problem with the sync. Than you very much for that. :grinning:

Unfortunately I still have problems connecting Xert Player iOS with BT to my Kickr core. A few minutes ago I testet connection with Zwift on my Lenovo with its native Bluetooth. Worked perfect. Power source, cadence and controllable.

Btw: I‘ve re-installed the Xert player app, using the latest kicker firmware and iOS 14.2. I waited apx 2min and always kept pedaling to ensure, that the kickr doesn‘t make any enegry save/sleep mode. I don‘t think it would but you never know :wink:

Any hints?

LG Bob

Have you tested by turning off the laptop so only the phone is running BLE when you try to connect to the KICKR?

I assume you disconnected from this before trying to connect with the Xert app? Devices (trainers / power meters) can only connect to to one device (laptop, phone etc) at a time via Bluetooth, so if something else is connected to your trainer already, it can’t connect to anything else

Thank you. Yes i did.

The good News: I solved the Problem. While simply switching off/on Bluetooth and removing all other BT devices (ear phones, FR935, Edge etc) out of Reach does not help, I did the following.

  • Deinstalled Xert Player App
  • switched of BT
  • restarted the phone
  • switched on BT
  • reinstalled Player App

and ta ta ra ta … connected. Now imam a happy Sponge and I am looking forward to the improvements Xert will bring.

Thank you all for help!

LG Bob the Sponge

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